V2.2.0 - V2.14.0

Summer 2019 - Updates & Improvements

After a busy summer of updates, we are pleased to offer powerful new competition and league management tools for clubs in V2, including team assembly, stages (i.e. formats), draw scheduling, final results/points/standings, and external event managers, among other miscellaneous refinements drawn from club feedback:

  • 09/17/2019 - Assign managers to specific leagues/competitions (v2.14.0)
  • 08/25/2019 - Event/Draw Schedule calendar: ical download (v2.11.0)
  • 08/21/2019 - Draw Schedules: create, auto-generate, edit, publish (v2.10.0)
  • 08/16/2019 - Club Round Robins: stages, ranking methods, cross-overs, draw results, publish standings, etc. (v2.9.0)
  •  08/02/2019 - Create & Assemble Teams from Registrations (v2.8.0)
  •  07/21/2019 - New Feature: Late Fees (v2.6.0)
  •  07/15/2019 - Admin View/Edit Registrations (v2.5.0)
  •  07/13/2019 - Misc. Backend Changes to Consolidate Leagues & Competitions Across V1 and V2 (v2.4.0)
  •  07/09/2019 - Legacy Competition Tags now in V2 (v2.3.0)
  •  07/03/2019 - Customizable Transactional Email Templates (v2.2.0)


New League/Competition Tabs

In addition to the previous "Details" and "Registrations" tabs, clubs now enjoy a number of new tabs in any of their leagues or competitions:


  • "Registrations" --- This tab was always here, but now club admins can edit registrations for typos, corrections or changes to submitted line-ups, etc.

  • "Curlers" --- Individual curlers registered so far in this particular league or competition.

  • "Teams" --- Area to assemble/assign teams from individual curlers registered in this league or competition.

  • "Stages" --- Set stages of a league/competition, create round robins, set ranking methods, record draw results, and publish standings.

  • "Schedule" --- Schedule your draws, either by initial auto-generation based on registrations or by manual.

  • "Event Managers" --- Delegate external managers for specific leagues/events (e.g. rental leagues).   


This tab always showed you the registrations in that particular league or competition, but now club admins can edit the submissions if need be, to correct typos, line-up changes, team name, coach name, contact, etc.:



This tab shows individual curlers registered so far in this particular league or competition.  It is automatically populated by the submitted registrations (assuming you have required individual curler profiles for this league/competition).

Need to manually add more?  Click "Add Curlers" to first search from line-ups submitted with registrations. . . :


Or uncheck the "In Lineup" box to expand your search to any and all available curlers in your club history:



Set up teams from individual curlers registered in this league or competition.  Start by clicking "Team Recommendations", which will auto-generate teams based on submitted line-up info in your registrations:


If we got it right, click "Create Team" to approve; if not, go back and click "Edit" or "Delete", or otherwise start from scratch manually by clicking "New Team":


In the "Edit" mode of a team, you can edit team name, short name, contact info, or re-order team positions/roles.


Click "New Round Robin" to define the stages of your league or competition, allowing you to set skill rankings/methods, record draw results, and publish standings:


View the resulting round robin details, go back and edit the entire thing, or otherwise "Enter Result" or "Change Result" per individual match-up:


When finished, monitor the summary stats and progress for all your stages/round robins:



Schedule your individual draws, either by initial auto-generation based on registrations or doing so manually.

Before you can do so for the first time, however, you must click "Change Settings" to set guiding parameters, such as draw days/times, intervals, etc.:


Click "Generate Schedule" for an auto-population attempt based on your parameters.  If we got it right, you're set; if not, either click "Regenerate Schedule" to re-roll the dice or otherwise click "Add Draw" to manually do so:


You may also edit the auto-generation to refine the match-ups and sheet distributions more evenly.  It's not a perfect science (yet).

Event Managers

Delegate external managers for specific leagues/events (e.g. rental leagues).  Simply type in their name and email and click "Create Event Manager":


They will receive an emailed link to access their league/competition, but nothing else.

Event managers will only have limited abilities within their event, such as editing registrations, adding curlers, assembling teams, creating round robins, brackets, draw scheduling, and inputting game results.  They won't have admin level access to your general club settings.


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