Financials - How are Clubs Invoiced for Fees on Offline Payments?

Q: Is there a plan to invoice curling centres for individuals who do not pay by Stripe, and how
much will they be charged ($2 plus MA fee?)?  Who will invoice?  Curling Canada or MA?


A: Clubs remit affiliate fee payments to their MAs, who in turn remit any applicable Curling Canada fees (e.g. $2 IMF) to Curling Canada, as per the usual protocols.  It is the responsibility of the MA to invoice their clubs and for Curling Canada to invoice its MAs. 

NOTE: All inter-organizational fees (e.g. IMF, competitor card, affiliate fees) must be remitted through the traditional means via the MA to Curling Canada, as Curling I/O currently only calculates them and doesn't auto-remit them.  Auto-remittance for fees paid online is on the road-map for the 2019-20 season.

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    Jean Lederer

    Is it 0.7%?

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    Yes, that was meant to read 0.7% not 0.07%. Thank you for pointing out the typo; it has been corrected now.

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