Financials - How are Clubs Invoiced for Fees on Offline Payments?

Q: Is there a plan to invoice curling centres for individuals who do not pay by Stripe, and how
much will they be charged ($2 plus MA fee?)?  Who will invoice?  Curling Canada or MA?


A: Clubs remit payments to their MAs, who in turn remit any applicable Curling Canada fees (e.g. $2 IMF) to Curling Canada, as per the usual protocols.  It is the responsibility of the MA to invoice their clubs and for Curling Canada to invoice its MAs.  Payments made online via Stripe do not need to be included in these remittances, only those made by cheque or cash. 

NOTE: Offline registrations are still subject to a Curling I/O "application fee" (i.e. 0.7% + $0.25), as they were still entered through the system, but the Stripe processing portion doesn't apply.

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    Jean Lederer

    Is it 0.7%?

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    Yes, that was meant to read 0.7% not 0.07%. Thank you for pointing out the typo; it has been corrected now.

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