Switching computers? Use Google Drive to move your files over.

Using Google Drive to move your files and folders from your current computer to a new computer is probably one of the easiest ways to tackle things.

There's no need to worry about finding a USB Flash Drive big enough to copy all of your files onto, and besides... getting your files into Google Drive means they'll also be a copy of them in the Cloud whenever you need them. Curling Canada users also have the added benefit of our Spanning Backup for Google Apps service, keeping yet another copy of your files securely as a backup.

Here's how to get started

  1. Connect both computers to the Internet
    You'll need to be connected to the Internet for this to work. Preferably high-speed Internet that isn't using the Data from your cell phone is best!
  2. Install the Google Drive application on BOTH computers
    If you don't already have Google Drive installed on your computer, this is as simple as opening a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and going to https://www.google.com/drive/download/. From there, click the download button to start downloading the Google Drive application, install it and when prompted, login to your Google Apps account.
  3. Move all of your files into the newly created Google Drive folder
    This is where you begin putting all of your files into the Google Drive folder that was automatically created in Step #1. Drag all of your files from your "Desktop", "My Documents" and anywhere else you store documents.
  4. Watch the Magic Happen!
    What you'll start to see is the Google Drive application begin "syncing" the files from your Google Drive folder to the Internet, and then you should start to see those same files begin to show up on your new computer (assuming you've already installed Google Drive on the new computer and have logged into the same Google Apps account.

That's it! Pretty simple, eh?

For more information on using Google Drive, please browse the Help Center or you can always visit the official Google Drive Help Center online.


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