Sonar and the Self-help Button: Versature is making life easy!

Sonar is Versature’s customer self-service portal, accessible from our main website. Sonar allows users to make a wide variety of changes to their personal call settings, such as managing voicemails, setting up various Call Answering Rules, reviewing your call history, and more.

Versature has also implemented a wonderful Self Help feature in Sonar, an interactive user guide aimed at answering common questions and teaching users how to get the most out of their Hosted PBX system. This button is the Holy Grail of problem resolution. Behind it lies the answers to many of the most common questions we hear from clients regarding Sonar and adjusting their telephone system preferences.

Clicking the Self Help button opens a menu of self-explanatory how-tos, covering tasks such as recording new a voicemail greeting, enabling features like Simultaneous Ring, and creating custom call-routing time frames.

The Self Help queries you see will differ depending on your role in your organization. Distinct Self Help menus have been created for general users, office managers, call centre agents, and call centre supervisors. Each list covers a customized set of actions common for users in those roles.

The Sonar Self Help guide goes above and beyond a basic text Q&A resource. Clicking on each of the tasks instead provides real-time, guided instructions for managing the settings you are after. Step-by-step cues appear on the screen, showing the user where to click, what fields require input, and explanations at each step of the way. The goal of the Self Help menu is to not only quickly and easily let Versature clients answer their own questions, but to enable learning for future use.

Depending on your role in your organization, you may have access to more or less call and system preferences. For assistance navigating Sonar, simply dial 6-1-1 from your Versature device to be connected to a member of our Technical Support team. They would be happy to provide a full walk-through of the interface and show you how to manage your settings and get the most out of your Hosted PBX business phone system! We are also happy to take suggestions on other Self Help features you would find useful in the menu.

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