Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Curling Canada's Google Drive + Spanning Backup Service

As one of the core applications that comes as part of Google Apps, installing Google Drive for Mac/PC and moving your documents over to the Google Drive folder will ensure that your files are available both locally (on your computer) and stored offsite.

Curling Canada has implemented the Spanning Backup for Google Apps service, which includes full backup and restore services for your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Sites.

In this way, you would have a local copy of your documents (on your computer), an offsite copy of your documents on Google Drive (cloud), and an additional backup copy of your documents using our Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

For information on how to install, configure, and use Google Drive in this manner, please contact the Information Services and Technology department at (613) 834-2076 ext.152 or send an email to

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