Signing In

Curling I/O can only be accessed by secure login, using the "Sign In" button:

You can do this using one of two methods:

  1. "Social Sign-In" --- You can sign in using your Facebook, Google or Hotmail* (i.e. Microsoft) account

    - OR -

  2. Temporary Email Link --- You can enter any email address, prompting a temporary (7 days) tokened link to be sent to that address, with which you can access Curling I/O.

NOTE: Although both methods are acceptable, signing in with your Facebook, Google or Hotmail* account is the more secure, preferred method.

Logging in With Facebook, Google or Hotmail Account:

  1. Click one of the social sign-in buttons:

  2. You'll be prompted to authenticate by that service:

  3. Once successfully authenticated, you'll be logged into your Curling I/O Dashboard:



Logging in With an Email Address:

  1. Enter your email address and click "Send Email":


  2. If prompted, complete the "Captcha" security puzzle to verify you are a human.

  3. Check your inbox.  An email should arrive within 5 minutes (often immediately) with a sign-in link.  This link is good for 7 days and can only be used once:

  4. Click the link.  It opens a browser window, logging you into your Curling I/O Dashboard.

    NOTE: You will have to repeat this process once your token expires or after you delete your browser's history.
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