Financials - ​What is the $2 Curling Canada fee for? Is it to pay for Curling I/O? If so, why the additional 0.7% + $0.25 on credit card and “offline” cash/chq payments?

​The $2​ Curling Canada fee is the IMF​ ​(Individual​ ​Member​ ​Fee)​ announced in the March​ ​21st, 2017
“Membership​ ​Fee​ ​Letter​ ​for​ ​EDs” memo (attached) and has nothing to do with
Curling I/O.

The 0.7%​ ​+​ ​$0.25​, meanwhile, is the portion of any Curling I/O transaction (as
explained in the "Stripe and Curling I/O Fee Structure" FAQ) that goes specifically toward Curling I/O
maintenance and development.

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