Financials - Stripe and Curling I/O fee structure. What fees are being charged? Why? Who is paying what fees? How are the fees being paid?

Online registrations are by means of secure transactions via Stripe​ (2.9% of the total registration fee +$0.30 per transaction, 2.2% + $0.05 going to Stripe and 0.7% + $0.25 toward ongoing
development and support of the system) with full payment reporting available in Curling I/O for all types of products (e.g. curling camps, conferences).

For example, a $375 club league product would include the applicable club fee, MA fee, and Curling Canada fee, less the "Estimated Processing Fee" (i.e. the Curling I/O maintenance fee) that is deducted from the sub-total:



You can see in the resulting Payout report that the amount Stripe deposits later should fairly closely match the initial I/O estimate (in this case, only $0.01 variance).  It is this processing fee that goes toward Curling I/O maintenance and development.  It comes out of the product revenue.

Online fees are remitted automatically via Stripe; fees from offline payments must be remitted through the traditional cheque means via the MA to Curling Canada.

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