Communications - How is information about Curling I/O shared?

Individual troubleshooting communications with users is handled in tickets.  Development progress and priorities on features and fixes can be seen on the I/O Roadmap.



Admin users and curlers can both submit help inquiries in two ways:

  1. E-mail This creates a ticket with the Help Desk, which is responded to promptly.

  2. Click the "Help" widget on any page in I/O: This prompts you to first search for documentation or other learning resources, offering suggestions based on keywords.  If you find nothing relevant, you may click "Contact Us" to submit an inquiry to the Help Desk:




Curling Canada staff, MAs, clubs, and curlers alike can submit suggestions and feedback via the "Feedback" link in the footer of Curling I/O:


They can see each other's suggestions and up-vote or comment on them.  In this way, we can gather, reconcile, and prioritize feedback to help us establish a roadmap for each type of user.

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